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Selasa, 07 Juni 2022
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Kuliah Tamu Kelas Pemugaran

Tema: Conservation through Sensitive Adaptive Reuse in Singapore

Kamis, 9 Juni 2022
Pk. 19.00 wib – selesai
Via Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 973 8883 6103 | Passcode: pemugaran

“Sustainability is about preserving buildings in an adaptive reuse way – how you transform them to cater to the new needs of an inclusive society. A gated private community doesn’t entirely fulfil the definition of a sustainable building.”
Yann Follain
“In the case of the Golden Mile Complex, there was a renewed push because it has a lot of importance in Singapore’s built heritage, the urban ideas that it embodies, and because of the number of people behind it. But we have always followed this ethos in our practice.”
Architect Jonathan Poh


  • Yann Follain | Managing Director / Head-of-design of Wy-to Group
  • Architect Jonathan Poh | WY-TO Group’s Singapore Director

Moderator :
Lucia Helly | Dosen Kelas Pemugaran. Magister Arsitektur, FTSP Universitas Trisakti

Terbuka untuk Umum. Nara Hubung: wa.08122742725 / Punto
Diselenggarakan oleh Magister Arsitektur Universitas Trisakti, WY-TO Group dan Provolk

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